Carrieanne Guthrie
The Redneck Comedian

The RedNeck Comedian CarrieAnne Guthrie is an award winning comedian from a small, closed minded town in the southern part of Americas bible belt country where it's ok to sleep with your cousin but not if they are the same sex.
Before becoming a comedian she worked as a Corrections Officer, A Deputy, and as security at a Museum that was once a prison inside a castle in England. After trying to be a super hero dealing with stupid people that she lovingly called management, it just became too much and she chose to go into a career where she could just make fun of them.
As a lesbian herself she has chosen to keep believing in her faith, because it's not her faith that hates people but the people misusing the faith. Its not the Confederate flag that hates people but people who can only read books with pictures in them, that misuse it.
At the end of the day it's the fight against stupidity that we are all fighting and if Aliens from space landed on earth tomorrow to invade our plant we would stand together as humans not as black, white, gay, or straight but together as earthlings.
And eat Bacon, she don't trust people who don't eat bacon.

you can hear her sweet southern charm over the BBC radio, every last Sunday of the month on BBC Norfolk and Suffolk Comedy Show.
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Clubs / Venues Performed at- 2007-Present
Comedy Cafe
Downstairs at the Kings Head
Edinburgh Fringe
Lions Den
Laugh Out Loud
Charlie Goodnights (U.S.A)
Comedy Zone (U.S.A.)
Frog and Bucket (UK)
Comedy Store London (UK)
Comedy Store Manchester (UK)2017

One Woman Show-
What was supposed to be a one night, one woman show; "Evening with a Redneck" ended up selling out the first night and a second sold out show was added.

TV / Radio Work-
BBC TV show , Timing
Jongleurs Comedy Idol
BBC Radio Norfolk , Interview
Harbour Radio, Interview
BBC Radio Norfolk, working on new comedy show for 2016-Present
I have writen sketches for BBC Radio
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Jongleurs- Comedy Idol- finalist
Braintree Comedy Club- Gong show winner
Joker of the year- finalist
Greensboro Comedy Zone Fight Night, winner
3 time winner of Manchester Beat the Frog, Winner 2017
Manchesters Beat the Frog World Series Finalist 2017

Press Quotes-
"Carrieanne "Bam" Guthrie came complete with a catchphrase. I heard many of the audience shouting "BAM" in her face as they were leaving, which in this case serves as a compliment and not an intimidating gesture. A larger than life Texan, she informed us that shes tried losing weight but it just kept finding her, and thus we were instantly on her side for a loud and proud set." Jongleurs Review by Darryl Baker

"Carrieanne Guthrie was memorable, winning the audience over the moment she came onto the stage wielding a guitar and her unaffected style of American red-neck humour. My only wish was that she one could have gone on longer." The Tab review by Molly O'Connor

Redneck Comedy-

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